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Go21 Meeting - June 2nd

Go21 Meeting - June 2nd

May 27, 2016


Hello everyone! 

Just a reminder that a Go21 planning meeting will be taking place next Thursday, June 2nd from 7:00 - 8:45 p.m. at our new office space located at 201 - 330 Bronte Street South in Milton, Ontario, L9T 7X1. The agenda for the meeting is below. All are welcome and we hope to see you there!! 


HDSA Go21 Agenda & Notes            
Date:               Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 - 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm
Location:        HDSA Office – 201-330 Bronte Street South, Milton, Ontario, L9T 7X1
7:00    Call to order and approval of Agenda,
Approval of April 28th, 2016 Minutes
7:05     Introductions       
7:10     CDSS Information (Leanne T.)

  • Website updates
    • Email went out to members clarifying team pages vs. individual pages and how to signup new team members
    • Make sure when sending out pages for people to donate that you’re sending out the team page
    • Next year we may eliminate individual pages
  • Don’t forget to check DropBox for regular event updates/changes
  • 1500 CDSS Keychains arrived at HDSA Office
  • Update on Leanne’s meeting with CDSS

7:11     Event Budget (Leanne T.)

  • On track – has been updated on Dropbox
  • Update on Budget

7:12     Sponsorship Committee (Jen T. & Leanne T.)

  • So far we have $35,500.00 in Sponsorship accounted for (excluding in-kind Sponsorship) – see updated list on Dropbox, as of May 7, 2016
  • We would still like to hit $40,000 in sponsorship now to pay for the event.
  • Looking for more Bronze and Friend Sponsors

7:13     Digital Media Committee (Heather W.)

  • Heather will continue to update HDSA’s General website, Facebook page and Twitter with Go21 and sponsorship info
  • Meghan and Heather will post about companies who are sponsors on social media once everyday

7:15     Merchandise/T-Shirts/Swag Bag Committee (Jessica P. & Shannon S.)

  • Items for this year
  • White Participant T-Shirts, Adult/Youth/Toddler à Ordered 140 Toddler, 200 Youth, 675 Adult
  • Yellow Volunteer T-Shirts, Adult à Ordered 170 Adult
  • Blue Event Bags à Ordered 250
  • Participant Medals (Yellow Ribbon) à Ordered 350
  • Blue Baseball Hats à Ordered 1008
  • Luggage Tags à Removed for 2016
  • T-shirt cutoff date was May 13th; Jessica and Shannon calculated and summarized all T-Shirt and Medal information to be sent to 11th Hour – THANK YOU!
  • T-shirt selection is no longer an option on the website during registration
  • All merchandise has now been ordered; layouts approved
  • Update on Hats (Jen): $0.50 more than initially budgeted due to mix-up with ordering and inability to source overseas supplier; 11th Hour provided a discount from newly quoted price as a result
  • Committee to provide update on plans for sorting T-Shirts and Medals by team, prior to event

7:20     Advertising/Media Committee (Mandy Ulcar)

  • Save-the-Date Cards were handed out at WDSD Party; not being mailed out
  • Posters update – Brandon (Have a Heart for Down Syndrome contact) created our posters this year, Data printed them free (thank you for organizing, Sarah MZ).  Ordered 2000 small posters, 200 large
  • Distributed 1300 posters to Elementary/Secondary Schools (2 per school 100 per WDSD Contest participant school)
  • Sarah MZ and volunteers distributing posters around community
  • Update on Prospective news stories/advertising, Radio advertisements, Digital signs and advertising

7:30     Event Booklets (Lori Sheppard)

  • Booklets include:  Images, logos, agenda, chair message, map of walking route, HHDS blurb, HHDS Golf tournament ad, event map, stories and pictures of top 3 teams from 2015, sponsor pages, and maybe information on entertainers
  • 5 booklets per bag, 400 booklets in total
  • Lori to provide any further update on booklets

7:40     Set-Up Committee (Atalie F. & Suzanna Z.)

  • 4 people have volunteered for night before, 3 people for morning of – update from Maddison (any additional volunteers?)
  • Email went out to membership requesting volunteers, Superintendents of boards requesting High School students
  • Meghan created Volunteer Request posters which have been sent out to Secondary schools
  • There will be a lot more to setup this year on the night before the event, as well as the morning of (i.e. fencing, tables, table cloths, stage setup, etc.)
  • Night before: 5:00pm
  • Morning of:  7:00am
  • Update on walkie-talkie pickup

7:41     Administration/Registration Committee (Lauren H. & Carinta M.)

  • Have confirmed with CDSS that all registration components will be completed online this year; individuals to enter teams, click if volunteers, fill-in names and t-shirt sizes, children under 12, etc.
  • We will be able to printout registration information with amounts teams have raised t-shirt information
  • People can input their offline pledges online so the Administration/Registration Committee are going to need to print off online donations only and not pledges
  • Committee to update on how this is working so far

7:51     Carnival Committee (Mandy C.)

  • Opening Speaker – Darryl Sittler (former NHL Superstar)
  • Tents, tables, chairs are rented
  • Four inflatables (same as last year) – Rescue Hero Toddler, Carousel Bouncer, Dual Track Obstacle Course, 21’ Slide
  • Four carnival games
  • Rock climbing wall – to be used from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Full size electric train – will run along the ½ track
  • Pony Rides
  • Photo booth will be set up so that people can get their team photos taken at any time throughout the day
  • Update on photographer being hired (Scott H.)
  • Doug the Great coming from 11:00 – 2:00 p.m.
  • Magician (Tyler Fergus) coming from 11:00 – 2:00 p.m.
  • Face Painting from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Caricature Artist coming from 11:00 – 2:00p.m.
  • Portable hand washing stations – 10 toilets have been ordered (including 2 accessible; added in May for a small additional fee 4 handwashing stations
  • Balloons – 500 inflatable balloons, 4 columns
  • Update on Road Closure decision (Jen)

8:00     Entertainment Committee (Rebecca H.)

  • Schedule for the entertainment:

9:00 - Susie Sunshine (30 minute set)
9:35 - Opening Ceremonies
9:55 - Power Cheer warm-up (5min)
10:00 -11:00 - Walk (high rendition set-up)
10:45 - High Rendition sound check and start playing as walkers come back
11:30 - Cheer Force (10 min)
             Dance Ability (10 min)
             Oakville Butterflies (10 mins)
12:00 - Susie Sunshine (30 minutes)
12:30 - Power cheer (10 mins)
             High School Dance Group (10 mins)
             Kicks for Kids? (10 mins)
1:00 - DJ music
1:15 - Silent auction closing, last call for BBQ

* DJ to fill music between sets if needed
* Each dance/cheer group has 1-2 songs
* No response from Madison Tevlin :(

  • Rebecca has been in touch with Luke Y the DJ to confirm mics, sound set ups and amps.
  • Items we will need on the day:
    • 12-15 Chairs
    • Mics
    • Speakers
    • Ability to hook up each groups music from an iPhone to the sound system.
  • Rebecca to provide any further update on Entertainment

8:10     BBQ Committee (Laurie M.)

  • Have booked Simply BBQ (Mississauga)
  • “Menu” quote: assortment of burgers/dogs, drink and one of chips/cookie/apple slices, etc. à $4.95 per person 13% HST ($4.70 for 1500)
    • Full cooking and setup cleaning staff, BBQs, fire extinguishers
    • HDSA will coordinate volunteers for chips/plates/napkins
    • Booked for 2.5 hours
    • Permit received from Halton Region
    • Carol/Laurie to print out email from Halton Region as proof of Health Approval for food being served at the event
    • Update on Ice Cream Truck
  • Kelly’s Cupcakes on Brant Street in Burlington is donating 200 mini cupcakes
    • Sharon Beesley can pick up the cupcakes the day before
  • Update on coffee/donut place (i.e. Tim Hortons) to come and do morning coffee and TimBits (Sarah M.Z./Leanne)

8:20     Volunteer Committee (Kathy T. & Maddison G.)

  • We will have a clear list from the website this year, but we will also need to track people that don’t sign-up on the website, as they are just coming to volunteer, not participate.
  • Update on graduates’ volunteer activities for day-of
  • Update on volunteer numbers so far and ongoing volunteer list

8:30     Silent Auction Committee (Judy C. & Siobhan C.)

  • Update on Silent Auction plans
    • Ikea picture frames
    • Payment via website, hotspots, etc.
  • Update on Raffle Prizes
    • Products from Mandy

8:40     First Aid & CPR (Maddison G.)

  • St. John’s Ambulance will be confirmed by Maddison G.

8:41     Garbage, Recycling & Water Station Committee (Ellen & Bruce W.)

  • Ellen will be doing this again through the Water Store for people to refill their water bottles (need tables for these)

8:42     Clean-up Committee (Ellen W.)

  • All tables and chairs folded and stacked, all small tents collapsed and bagged, all areas cleaned-up, inside silent auction area cleaned-up

8:43     Thank You Committee and Plak Delivery (Mary L., Kaitlyn, Kerri, Kim & Graduates)

  • Graduates will write Thank You Cards again, we have the Thank You Cards, Meghan has ordered envelopes
  • Graduates are meeting June 8th at Mary L’s House to write Thank Yous
  • The three K’s have agreed to divide up the Plak deliveries with the Graduates to thank our Sponsors

Meeting Adjourned – 8:45pm
Next Meeting – TBA