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Jan 20, 2016


Hi everyone,

The Elementary Age Peer Group is excited to announce that we will be running music classes through  the Harmony Is Studio in Milton. The studio is located at 330 Bronte St S, Milton, ON L9T 7X1.

There are two separate programs being run, depending on your child's age and comfort level.  Below you will find a description of each of the programs.

4-8 years old:


During this music program children will use their imaginations to enhance verbal skills, motor skills and social interaction, all through music.  We will begin in a make-believe toyshop, and let our imaginations take us from there!   Focus will include simple musical skills, such as playing the steady beat, changes in dynamics, and tempo.  Verbal expression will be encouraged as children share their ideas and contribute to the musical 'story' that unfolds in the class.  Children will have the chance to try a variety of musical instruments, and explore movement with ribbons, scarves and the parachute, in this fun and exciting music program.  


9-14 years old:


This fun music program will follow the interests of the group members, and will explore various ways of expressing ourselves through music.  The classes will include a mixture of music activities including drum circles, music improvisation, simple songwriting, lyric discussion, and movement through music.  Children will have the chance to play various musical instruments, engage in group and solo musical experiences, and enhance verbal and social skills.  Led by a music therapist, this is a great opportunity for children to learn how to use music to enhance self-confidence, explore emotional expression, and have lots of fun!!

DATES:  Saturday January 30th to Saturday March 19th (no class on February  6th and 13th due to Family Day weekend and staff availability)

Ages 9-14: 1:00-1:45
Ages 4-8: 2:00-2:45


Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact to reserve your spot or with any questions or concerns.

Hope to see you there!

Sarah & Laurie
Elementary Age Group Coordinators