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Online Workshop: Behaviour and Down Syndrome

Online Workshop: Behaviour and Down Syndrome

Nov 25, 2015

Online workshop: Behaviour and Down Syndrome


A special invitation from the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton

The Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton, in partnership with the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, is pleased to announce an online presentation on a topic of great interest for many of our members and associates: BEHAVIOUR.  We are excited to collaborate with Dr. David Stein, Psy.D.,  Co-Director of The Down Syndrome Program.  This workshop takes place Thursday, December 10th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST
“Behaviour problems impact 30% of children with Down syndrome. Left untreated, these same children often exhibit behaviour problems as adults, limiting work and independent living opportunities. Many typical behavioural management tools are less effective for children with Down syndrome. In order to address behaviour problems in DS effectively, one must understand the brain-based reasons for these challenges and direct treatment/interventions appropriately. This workshop will present the basic neuroscience of Down syndrome and how this informs effective behaviour management, with practical strategies provided for use in the home and school settings.”

We are providing TWO alternatives to participate in this workshop:

You can view the presentation from the comfort of your home using your computer and internet connection.  There is NO LIMIT to the number of participants and anyone from ANYWHERE in the world can view the presentation. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to invite anyone who may be interested in hearing how to effectively influence behaviour management in your child's life -grandparents, uncles, aunts, school teachers, recreational program providers, etc. Share this newsletter so that they may be able to sign up using our Online Registration Page 


This option is for those who do not have access to a computer or would prefer to access the webinar as a group. We have a limited number of seats available for participants who wish to view the webinar at this location.  Please note that we are limiting the number of reservations to 2 per family.

To attend, you need to register at our Group Viewing Registration page.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this type of group session, email them the link. 

Parents and caregivers as well as teachers, educational assistants, health care providers, therapists, and any other professional looking for tools to assist a person with Down syndrome or their families with managing behavioural concerns.

ANY QUESTIONS? Email Ingrid Muschta at with your questions.
We hope that you will be able to attend this great workshop!