Improving the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Halton Down Syndrome Association has strong ties with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. More than 7 years ago, HDSA was asked to be an inaugural member of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s Affiliates' Council. The CDSS Affiliates gather annually at the CDSS national conference to share best practices and provide input to the CDSS. During the year, a number of conference calls are scheduled to continue sharing information. The Affiliates' Council has agreed to focus efforts around the major life transitions-- birth, going to school, entering high school, starting work, and becoming independent. The CDSS has helped us to provide the New Parent Packages and the Educator Training Package. 

HDSA has often been recognized as a great contributor to the CDSS. A couple of our  members have served on the CDSS board. In addition, our association has provided joint membership to the CDSS and support for the National Conferences.  In addition, a number of our local members were very involved with the 2012 CDSS Conference in Toronto.


From Executive Director of the CDSS, Kirk Crowther:

Halton Down Syndrome Association has been a great ally to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. Like CDSS their membership is committed to improving the lives of people with Down syndrome, not only in their own community but also across Canada. They have gained national recognition of such work, through self-advocates like Allan McNeill, who is a Board member at HDSA and was named one of our Canadian Down Syndrome Heroes in 2013, and Halton educators like Karen Eschlboeck, who won the 2012 Canadian Down Syndrome Society's Inclusive Education Award.

Paul Bandiera has been an incredible support to CDSS. As Local Organizing Committee Chair for the 2012 Canadian Down Syndrome Conference in Toronto, he helped make it one of our most successful conferences in our 25 year history. His role in the Affiliates' Council cannot be understated. As an inaugural member, Halton has asserted itself as an example of excellence to newer local Down syndrome organizations.

We are fortunate to be part of HDSA's growth and look forward to working cooperatively to the continued success of both organizations.

Kirk Crowther

Executive Director

Canadian Down Syndrome Society