Improving the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome

Programs and Services

HDSA offers a number of different programs and services to assist individuals with Down syndrome and their families. The following are some of our current initiatives:


Peer Groups

We offer four Peer Groups (Early Years: 0-6, Elementary: 4-14, High School: 14-21 & Graduate: 21+ to allow our members and their families to network, connect & socialize with peers of their own age. Peer groups are run by volunteers and offer monthly social events, programs and workshops to help develop skills and offer transitional support. To receive information about your Peer Group, sign-up for e-mails here.


Online New Parent Community

A group of parents in the Halton community started a closed Facebook group a couple of years ago which has proven to be a successful form of support for many families. Although this group is not run by HDSA, it is a great resource for parents and caregivers. To access this group, click here


Library Resources

In 2012,HDSA partnered with the four Halton library systems and donated funds that went toward the purchase of authoritative, up-to-date resources to benefit the Down syndrome community. Please visit our Available Library Resources page to find out what is available near you. 


Family Social Events

Throughout the year, we offer several social events that bring families together and create a sense of community for our members and their children. Become a member of HDSA & sign up to our e-mails to receive invitations to these events. 


Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Every Ontario school board is mandated by the Ministry of Education to have a Special Education Advisory Committee. Halton Down Syndrome Association has representation at both the Halton public school board (HDSB) and the Halton Catholic school board (HCDSB). 


Affiliations with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and the Down Syndrome Society of Ontario

HDSA is very fortunate to be one of a handful of local Down syndrome associations that has strong links to both its federal and provincial groups, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and the Down Syndrome Society of Ontario.   

HDSA Support Bursary

The HDSA Support Bursary was designed to offer families financial support for therapies, assistive devices, and activities or lessons which will help the development of children with Down syndrome. 


Conference Bursaries

Every year families express interest in attending conferences related to Down syndrome. Two of the major Canadian conferences are the Canadian Down Syndrome Society conference and the Down Syndrome Association of Ontario conference. HDSA offers Conference Bursaries to families to help ease the costs of attending these events. Availability of bursaries is announced several months prior to the conferences and families are selected based on a lottery system.  For more information, please email